Genesis Dance Conservatory

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COVID-19 Updates

Since we opened, Genesis Dance Conservatory has striven to provide quality dance instruction through the core ideology that students are at their best when they are in a safe and challenging environment. We reflect this philosophy in everything we do and strive to provide this environment every time your student is at the studio.

Beginning October 24th:

Since there is an expected increase in COVID and Influenza cases this time of year, we are in turn adapting many of our policies to reflect new health measures recently enacted at schools and gyms across Colorado Springs and the rest of El Paso County. We believe these measures to be in compliance with state and local regulations.

During the cold and flu season, we will be operating at 25% capacity in both studios. Capacity limits are determined by total square footage, space allotted per person (following county guidelines), and general health and cleaning measures.

Over the next few weeks, we will be installing UV A/B/C sterilization lights, which have been proven to destroy 99.99% of COVID and Influenza viruses within 90 minutes. These lights are so strong that they will be set up on a timer to run overnight and between morning and evening classes, so that no dancer or family member will be affected.

We will also be installing wall-mounted no-touch temperature scanners. When you and your dancer arrive at the studio, please take your temperature before entering the dance room. If you have any trouble operating the temperature sensors, please ask an instructor for assistance.

Finally, all public performances are temporarily on hold or rescheduled. It is our opinion that having so many people in a small area, even outside, is not a responsible practice for us to exercise at this time. We will provide separate updates for Halloween, winter holiday, and summer recital performances as private events as soon as possible.

With the above capacity limits and additional health measures in place, we do not feel that transitioning to a completely virtual environment is required at this point.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time, but look forward to dancing with all of you!

-Genesis Dance Conservatory