2023 Summer Recital - 10th Anniversary

We want to thank you for celebrating our 10th studio anniversary with us today! We are so proud of all of our dancers in today's show and wish them the best of luck on stage!

Title Class Dancers
The Chronicles of Narnia Semiprivate Ballet Jaelynn, Jonelle, Mckenna
That's How You Know Age 7+ Acro I Araylia, EV, Trinity 
Playing with the Big Boys Age 7+ Jazz II Emma, Lilia, Payton,Sylas 
The Penguins of Madagascar  Teen/Adult Hip Hop Jaelynn, Jonelle, Mckenna, Bethany
Journey to the Past Age 7+ Ballet I  Araylia, EV, Lily, Maya, Roxy, Zurii
Peaceful Valley  Age 3-6 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Aracely, Josie, Nailuna 
Recess Age 7+ Hip Hop II Emma, Lilia, Payton, Sylas
Part of Your World  Choir Jaelynn, Jonelle, Lily, Maya, Mckenna
Hitchhiking Ghosts  Age 4+ Hip Hop I Aracely, Araylia, EV
Can You Feel the Love Tonight Choir Maya, Lily, Mckenna, Jaelynn, Jonelle 
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror  Age 7+ Acro II Emma, Genesis, Payton, Sylas
Bop to the Top CILA (K-2nd) Ballet/Jazz Janey, Lillia, Xena
Surface Pressure  Age 7+ Jazz I Araylia, EV, Maya
I Just Wanna Shine Solo Mckenna
Always Be Together Duet Lilia, Payton
Survivin Age 7+ Tap Emma, EV, Jaelynn 
Double Dutch Bus CILA (K-2nd) Acro EV, Josette, Tenoch
Can't Help Falling in Love Choir Jaelynn, Jonelle, Lily, Maya, Mckenna
Navi River Journey Age 7+ Lyrical/Contemporary Lilia, Payton
Never Enough Choir Jaelynn, Jonelle, Lily, Maya, Mckenna, 
Final Bow All Dancers All Dancers


We would also like to thank all of our parents, guardians, and teachers for all of your support this year! We could not have done this without you!

After the show, please feel free to celebrate our studio's 10th anniversary with us!